The pure breed bucks range in age from 3 months and up and prices start at $300.

We have a variety of does. Our registered pure breed / percentage does are all proven does. By proven, we mean that they have had anywhere from 1 to 3 kids per kidding and all of the kids are beautiful, healthy, fast growers. The prices on the our percentage does start at $150 and our pure breed / 100% does start at $300. We also sell does that have been exposed to one of our herd sires and their prices range.

Stud Fees
We welcome folks who would like to bring their does to us. The stud fee is a standard $100 and $3 per day. Remember, does cycle every 18-21 days so plan on leaving your doe(s) for at least 3 weeks. Note: we require a current health certificate from your vet prior to a doe being brought to our farm.